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Adversity, Understanding & Enlightenment

Self-Published Poetry Zine
This Poetry Zine is a collection of poems that were written over the past year and a half to aid in articulating thoughts and feelings, whilst gaining an understanding of mental cycles. They explore a range of feelings and have been written in varying emotional states. Some whilst triggered, others whilst reflecting or even just observing. My hope is that this Zine will assist you in validating yourself through a realisation that you are not alone in your struggles.

£4 + P&P

To order, click the speech bubble in the bottom right hand corner. Quote "AUE" and your best form of contact.

About the Author

Ravelle-Sadé is a self-proclaimed accidental poet. She has struggled with her mental health for a number of years but only started writing two years ago. She picked up a pen, simply to express either her own turmoil or observations that she had made of the world. A week after writing her first poem, she was asked if she would like to read it out at the very first poetry event that she had attended. She decided to accept herself, her anxiety and her fear and go for it. She was then approached by an audience member who told her that the poem had helped them to not feel so alone. From that day, Ravelle-Sadé has been actively trying to overcome her own issues to share her insight with hope that it may help others.


Ravelle-Sadé has been writing for nearly two years. She is passionate about letting others know that they aren't alone

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