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I have created and facilitated a number of workshops on different topics for varying ages and abilities. These include; Nottingham Women's Centre, Youth Parliament, New Art Exchange and within numerous schools.

Usually, I create or tailor my workshops based on your requirements.

See below for previous workshops and feedback.

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“Your order of activities was great and you have a very calming presence, even on Zoom ... You obviously put a lot of thought into this and it was really educational.”

- Activities, Courses and Events Coordinator - Nottingham Women's Centre

“What a powerful workshop! It paved the way for an open honest conversation about how people have been feeling. Thank you so much! I’m 100% sure they’ll be positive [participants’ feedback] from the comments during and after the workshop.”

Participation Manager - Services for Empowerment and Advocacy Nottingham

“Very informative and well put together”

S - Workshop Participant
Whilst running a workshop with year 6 participants, I was gifted a message from a child, adjusting to a dyslexia diagnosis.

Her teaching assistant explained that this was a HUGE step - to gift her words - given it had been proving difficult to get her to write in class at all.

Thank you brave student!

“You made the space feel safe and supportive. It was very welcoming and I felt a lot of acceptance”

M - Workshop Participant

"Fantastic engagement with participants and great awareness of what might trigger people in the room"

E - Workshop Participant
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