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I have created and facilitated a number of workshops on different topics for varying ages and abilities. These include; Nottingham Women's Centre, Youth Parliament, New Art Exchange and within numerous schools.

Usually, I create or tailor my workshops based on your requirements.

See below for previous workshops and feedback.

To book a consultation please click here.

Commissioned Workshop run by Ravelle-Sadé Fairman as part of New Perspectives 'Festival of Small Things'. Shot by Ian Dearman Photography.

“Your order of activities was great and you have a very calming presence, even on Zoom ... You obviously put a lot of thought into this and it was really educational.”

- Activities, Courses and Events Coordinator - Nottingham Women's Centre

“What a powerful workshop! It paved the way for an open honest conversation about how people have been feeling. Thank you so much! I’m 100% sure they’ll be positive [participants’ feedback] from the comments during and after the workshop.”

Participation Manager - Services for Empowerment and Advocacy Nottingham

“Very informative and well put together”

S - Workshop Participant

“You made the space feel safe and supportive. It was very welcoming and I felt a lot of acceptance”

M - Workshop Participant

"Fantastic engagement with participants and great awareness of what might trigger people in the room"

E - Workshop Participant
Whilst running a workshop with year 6 participants, I was gifted a message from a child, adjusting to a dyslexia diagnosis.

Her teaching assistant explained that this was a HUGE step - to gift her words - given it had been proving difficult to get her to write in class at all.

Thank you brave student!
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