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I Am - two of the most powerful words; for what you put after them shapes your reality." - Bevan Lee

I Am A QueenA Poetic Perception
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A Special thanks to The Song Writing Team x

I am a Queen

Not due to distorted self-importance

Or riches in abundance

Nor the need to be idolised

Yet, I am a Queen

Not due to lavish clothes and golden jewels

Or the means to exploit the hierarchy to impose my views

But I am a Queen

Not because I don’t have bad days

Or struggle with life in a number of ways

Not because I don’t swear or occasionally lose my sh*t

Or partake in things that no longer serve me due to bad habits

But I am still a Queen

Because despite my personal ascendance

I could never be above you

And if you speak words pure and true

I know that you can ascend too

I am a Queen

Because I don’t need a king to show me what is within

And to me, wealth doesn't mean gold, like we’re forever told

I am a Queen

Because I try not hide what I feel inside

And I embrace my femininity, even during vulnerability

To be honest is a strength that brings positive vibrations

And showing discrimination

puts you in serious violation

of nature’s divination

I am a Queen

Because I always try to explore

So I can acknowledge and accept my flaws

Then try to break down doors

That were unknown to me before

I am a Queen

Because my worth is based on my valuation

And I can choose to add inflation without negotiation

Whilst learning to cut off negativity

without need for hesitation

I am a Queen.

Because I’m starting to see my beauty

Learning it’s no one else’s duty

To empower or pollute me

I am a Queen

Because my nature is to facilitate

To cultivate

To take raw energy and make it great

Give birth to ideas, to incubate

I am a Queen.

Because without Yin there is no Yang

As we forget where we came from

Losing the dialect of our powerful, feminine tongue

I am a Queen.

Because despite being trampled into the dirt

And left chasing mirages in the desert

I kept the faith, I closed my eyes

And in the midst of darkness, to my surprise

I started to see with my all seeing eye

Because no matter what life throws at me

Still I rise!

Still I rise!

I am a Queen

I am a Queen


©️ Ravelle-Sadé Fairman. All rights reserved.

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