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Ravelle-Sadé Fairman

Poet, Performer, Writer & Workshop Facilitator

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Photo Credits: Tom Morley


About Me

"The ashes of a Phoenix can be commiserated as the death of what once was or celebrated as the birth of what will be. Ravelle-Sadé is documenting her emergence through her Poetic Perception".

I am a self-proclaimed ‘accidental’ poet, freelance creative and mental health advocate. This encompasses anything from writing and performing poetry to assistant producing, script writing and signposting.

I realised the power of my honesty at an impromptu Open Mic performance in 2018. Since then, I have been predominantly using my ‘Poetic Perception’ to contribute to conversations on topics that impact the world daily, yet aren’t spoken about often.


With a growing emphasis on striving for perfection in our society, and the disconnect that this can bring, I am also passionate about uncovering the power of self-belief and encouraging others to “Validate their Voice”.


Whether that is through writing and performing my own words, or facilitating others to write and perform theirs, acknowledging collective strife and exploring the true potential of our experience is at the heart of my practice.

This ethos has presented me with opportunities in an array of fields and allows me the freedom to work outside of these specialised topics.


£4+ P&P

£4+ P&P

£2.50 + P&P

"New, fresh and original"

"These poems are written from the heart"

"Ravelle-Sadé's poetry helped me to find my worth"

"Enlightened, empowered and very moving"

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